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Sandy Brewer


Sandy Brewer

Get to the Heart of What Matters in YOUR Life. Whether it be in your relationships – family, friends, in-laws, out-laws, work associates – or any other areas of your daily life, no question is off limits. With wit and wisdom, Sandy brings a grounded, positive, and practical point of view seamlessly interwoven with her spiritual perspective as she dialogues with callers. She is a Human Behavior and Relationship Expert with over 35 years as a counselor in the field of personal growth and speaks with the authority of one who has truly 'walked the walk.' An award winning author, talk radio show host, international speaker and humanitarian, Sandy's lighthearted wisdom and upbeat attitude are inspirational.

Sandy learned how to overcome her history of abuse by choosing to use those experiences as tools for learning, gaining strength and wisdom, and ultimately, an extraordinary capacity for caring. Her compelling memoir, Pursuit of Light, an Extraordinary Journey, received three first place literary awards. It is a gripping, soul-stirring, master trope in the art of healing that shares her true-life story of how she came to find the presence and strength of the human spirit within her, and the "how-to's" of choice – how others can look at their lives from a new perspective and, by exercising power of choice, empower their lives today. She shares how she developed life-changing, practical techniques for healing emotional trauma and achieving personal empowerment, fulfillment and increased self-esteem.

Sandy has devoted her life to helping children and adults recognize that they are worthy and that no matter what happened yesterday, it is insignificant to what lies within the core of one's being today.

A skilled communicator, Sandy effortlessly gets to the heart of what matters speaking and writing with openness, humor, grace and affirmative information interwoven with pragmatic strategies. She is filled with laughter, clarity and compassion and inspires listeners with hope and has captivated audiences from Pepperdine University (CA) to Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center (NYC) as well as internationally.

She has been featured on numerous television shows including a segment specifically on Sandy and her work on NBC's Nightly News and a nationally televised documentary on a special project she founded to work with abused and traumatized children called A Bridge for the Children.

Sandy has been a powerful advocate, especially for women and children, for many decades and has spearheaded significant programs to that effect. She was the driving force that got the State of Maryland to change the way abused children were treated in court. As a result of her intense advocacy for a child in her program, an 11 year-old girl was allowed to be the first child to testify on closed circuit television instead of in open court in front of her abuser. There are now 46 States and 3 Territories that allow such testimony. She was chairwoman of Operation Shelter, a project responsible for successfully opening and operating the first publicly supported homeless shelter in Denver, Colorado.

    July 2014

    Monday, July 7, 2014

    Host(s): Dr. Pat Baccili, Sandy Brewer
    Guest(s): Sandy Brewer
    The Dr. Pat Show with Guest Host Dr. Sandy Brewer: How do you turn lemons into lemonade when you can’t find the sugar?
    Award winning author, speaker and mood adjuster extraordinaire, Dr. Sandy Brewer, will bring her wit and wisdom, plus 35 years' experience as a counselor, to the subject of finding the sweetness of life – even on a dark day. It's a call-in show so please join us!
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    February 2014

    Friday, February 14, 2014

    Host(s): Sandy Brewer, Best of Transformation Talk Radio
    Guest(s): Best of Transformation Talk Radio
    Tune into the best of TTR! Encore Show with host Sandy Brewer
    The Sandy Brewer Show -- Getting to the Heart of What Matters in YOUR Life: When Bad Relationships Happen to Good People
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