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  • Light On Living with Lisa Berry: Lighten the Load of Life's Challenges: Pleasurable Transformation through festivals, trips, and celebration


    Join us today to live vicariously through Geordie Lishman as he shares his first hand experiences and lessons from decades of world wide festivals.

    Learn about different cultures, culinary goodies, religion, ceremony, and landscapes. From Burning Man to Sundance Geordie's stories may just inspire you to take your own trip and transcend to your personal higher place .

    Geordie Lishman is a metal sculptor, painter and teacher, based out of Ajax, Ontario. His work can be found all over Canada, in many different forms. He has been commissioned to construct pieces as small as a table-top ornament, and as large as a life-sized ‘Transformer’ constructed of full-sized cars. Not only is his work amazing, Lishman’s dedication to sustainability and the preservation of the environment inspires him to use almost exclusively recycled materials–most of his metal comes from scrapyards.

  • Lisa Berry

    Light On Living with Lisa Berry at 9am pacific / 12pm eastern

    Lights, microphone, and action!!! That’s right we’re putting the spotlight on what you need and want to hear about. How to experience life in the happiest and healthiest way QUICKLY. There’s an entire cast of information and techniques running around backstage but you just want to be dazzled by hearing the stars of the show.

    What script are you following? Are you directing?

    Light on Living truly lightens the load of life’s challenges by clearing all the extras and bringing you just the winning acts that make the biggest difference. Behind the scene your host, Lisa Berry, spends her days researching, learning, and experimenting with the the leading, top notch topics involving “everything healthy." She then casts and brings you only the stars as she puts the spotlight on what she knows will improve your life the fastest.

    **What’s very different about this show is YOU are always MORE than just the audience. You will get to VOTE on your favourite show every month so Lisa can take it to the next level and bring you an extended version. A class will be created based on the winning show from your votes and you can go deeper to get bigger results.

    How you perform in life stems from how well your mind and body perform inside. To hear about nutrition, body mechanics, mindset techniques, mood enhancers, wealth and abundance vibrations.

    More About Lisa -
    Lisa Berry is an expert in breathing life into the dreams of those wanting to live vibrantly, energetically, happy and fulfilled while standing confidently and strongly rooted in their personal power.

    Turning up the natural light of hundreds of clients by helping them move through inspiration, motivation, and creation, Lisa fulfills her commitment as a Transformational Life Coach and Holistic Nutritionist.

    As a soul beaming with light and celebrating life with others, Lisa recognizes her mission to find, help and connect with those who need and want to shine. She knows that having clarity of a big dream, dissolving the blocks that stop it from becoming reality and mastering personal creation are the ways to an incredible, happy, confidant and successful life!

    Enthusiastically and optimistically Lisa begins each conversation by offering a safe place to dream, share, believe and create.

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