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Shades of Spirit: Making Sacred Connections Bringing A Shade Of Spirit To You with Psychic Medium Jaime

Join Psychic Medium Jaime as she discusses the Accountability Theory and how to use it to...

In this episode we will be discussing the importance of having an accountability buddy. I will give you tools to use to keep you connected on a daily basis. How to shift guilt to self-compassion when we need a brea... 

  Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Host: Psychic Medium Jaime

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The Becoming You Show with Leah Roling: Inspire, Influence, & Impact Your Life

16. Getting what you want

When was the last time you wanted something.  I mean really wanted something just for the sake of wanting it.  Not because you thought it was good for someone else, not because it should be something you ... 

  Friday, April 29, 2022

Host: Leah Roling

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