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Archived Episodes

The Christine Upchurch Show

How the Ms. American Goddess Pageant Heals A Woman's Body Image with Felicia Clark, PhD

A staggering 93% of women dislike their body in some way. According to plus size cover model and leading body acceptance coach Dr. Felicia Clark, this is by design. Learn three ways in which connecting to Goddesses... 

  Friday, January 25, 2019

Host: Christine Upchurch

Guest: Felicia Clark Ph.D.

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Vibrant Powerful Moms with Debbie Pokornik - Helping Everyday Women Create Extraordinary Lives!

How to Reconnect with Your Playful Power for Maximum Effectiveness with Tammy Leitzel

Discover how to unlock & utilize your playful power for maximum effectiveness. In this episode Tammy Leitzel shares how owning and operating your body allows you to stay present and purposeful. 

  Monday, October 15, 2018

Host: Debbie Pokornik

Guest: Tammy Leitzel

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Empowerment Radio with Dr. Friedemann Schaub

From Self-Loathing to Self-Appreciation

Let’s be honest, how often have you been rude to yourself, calling yourself stupid, fat, ugly, a loser, not good enough? How often have you blasted yourself with derogatory insults t... 

  Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Host: Dr. Friedemann Schaub

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Love Living Radio with Emily Perkins - Ignite Your Whole Being!

The Body of Love: Emily and Guest Ryan Hall Talk About What is Possible in Loving Your Body!

In this fun and real conversation, Emily and guest coach and author, Ryan Hall will have an open conversation about what is possible when you LOVE your body. Do you love your body? What does it mean to be embodied?... 

  Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Host: Emily Perkins

Guest: Ryan Hall

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Living Lighter Radio with Jason & Patricia: An Ecosystem Approach to Your Life!

Weight loss - the most important part no one talks about!

If you’re thinking about losing weight or have ever tried to lose weight and gained it back you need to listen to this show. We will be talking about the most important part of weight loss. . . and that&rsquo... 

  Monday, April 16, 2018

Hosts: Jason Rohn, Patricia Rohn

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Shine On Radio with Kelly - Find Your Shine!

Thigh Gaps Are Out of Style with personal trainer and fitness instructor Vanessa Checchio

How bachata and barbells became part of the same sentence, why it matters, and how come thigh gaps are out of style. 

  Monday, May 9, 2016

Host: Kelly Anne Wadler

Guest: Vanessa Checchio

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Shine On Radio with Kelly - Find Your Shine!

Recipe for Fat Free Samosa with Empowerment Artist Smrita Jain

Smrita Jain discusses her forthcoming book Fat Free Samosa which chronicles her comical way of dealing with the good, the bad and all the fat! Using photography, graffiti style typography and her straightf... 

  Monday, April 25, 2016

Host: Kelly Anne Wadler

Guest: Smrita Jain

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Shine On Radio with Kelly - Find Your Shine!

Kelly is Answering All of Your Questions to Finding Your Shine!

Kelly has been collecting your questions and is dedicating an entire show to answering anthing and everything body positivity, nourishment and self acceptance. Plus, tips on how to start your own business and make ... 

  Monday, April 18, 2016

Host: Kelly Anne Wadler

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Shine On Radio with Kelly - Find Your Shine!

From Food Obsessed to Living My Best with Dina Garcia, Dietitian-Nutritionist & Mindful E...

Today’s society has become obsessed with finding the “perfect” diet. Yet overweight, obesity, diabetes and heart disease are at an all time high. The disconnect lies in our hidden patterns and beh... 

  Monday, April 11, 2016

Host: Kelly Anne Wadler

Guest: Dina Garcia

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Shine On Radio with Kelly - Find Your Shine!

Celebrating Body Positivity with Lillian and Liza from the Body Poscast

Join Kelly and the powerhouse hosts of the Body Poscast as they discuss the importance of the Body Positivity Movement and how you too can celebrate the skin you are in! 

  Monday, February 22, 2016

Host: Kelly Anne Wadler

Guests: Lillian Bustle , Liza Poor

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Shine On Radio with Kelly - Find Your Shine!

Healing the most important relationship in your life- the one with yourself and thus crea...

Healing your relationship to your body and to food. Re-learning that we are all- at our core- infinitely, innately, limitlessly, and in abundance, deserving of self-love and self-worth. Re-learning that love- in its t... 

  Monday, February 8, 2016

Host: Kelly Anne Wadler

Guest: Stephanie Marino

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Shine On Radio with Kelly - Find Your Shine!

How To Make RADical Changes In Your Health

Tired of yo-yo dieting, setting health and fitness goals only to great each new year with the same resolution time and time again. May 2016 be the year that you make a RADical and sustainable change in your health. 

  Monday, January 25, 2016

Host: Kelly Anne Wadler

Guest: Robbie Ann Darbie

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Crustbusting with Mary Kay

Dr. Pat Baccili talks with Mary Kay about body image, self evaluation, and other crusts that many listeners deal with. 

  Tuesday, March 2, 2004

Host: Dr. Pat Baccili

Guest: Mary Kay Minifie

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