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The Kornelia Stephanie Show: Living Heaven on Earth

The True Nature of Divine Love with Tom Lumbrazo

What is the meaning of our lives?   It is about love.  It's not about making money, greed, hate, killing, etc.  What is the Difference Between Love,... 

  Friday, June 1, 2018

Host: Kornelia Stephanie

Co-Host: Tom Lumbrazo

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Spirit Fire Radio

The Illuminated Experience of Divine Love with 'Love Is a Secret' author, Andrew Vidich, ...

Step 12 of The Practice of Living Awareness focuses on the Central Channel. This is the lighted core at the center of our Being. It is the primary avenue of alignment with the higher self. The Central Channel infuses ... 

  Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Host: Tim Darter and Steve Kramer

Guest: Andrew Vidich PhD

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The Knowledge Book - Marge Ptaszek