The Kornelia Stephanie Show: How Do You Change the Conversation from Money to Vision? with Joan Sharp

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The Kornelia Stephanie Show: The Millionaire Imprint for Women

Award winning hairstylist, Nina Hall-Curtis, talks creating passive income from behind th...

Changing your mindset and leveraging your skills over your opposition. Success is built on creativity and foundation. It is Yin and Yang seeing that most stylist.  

  Friday, February 15, 2019

Host: Kornelia Stephanie

Guest: Nina Hall-Curtis

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The Kornelia Stephanie Show: The Millionaire Imprint for Women

How to Feel Emotionally Wealthy from the Inside Out.

There are so many changes happening on the outside, and inside of us, the only thing we can do is stay in the present moment and choose a feel good state of being. Taking responsibility for how we feel is how we ca... 

  Friday, November 2, 2018

Host: Momo Yasutake

Guest: Kornelia Stephanie

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The Dr. Pat Show: Talk Radio to Thrive By!

"The Millionaire Imprint for Women". with Kornelia Stephanie, Samantha Brown, Susan Glavi...

This new radio show is about financial empowerment, inspiring women of all ages to heal their karmic debts, to transcend the shame of poverty-consciousness that women have lived with for centuries. Whether you chos... 

The Kornelia Stephanie Show: Wake up to Love. Your Call to Action. Global Galactic Actions For A New Earth

Courage, healing and empowerment with a Hollywood stuntman and former U.S. Marine Steve C...

How to have the courage to face your fears through vulnerability and emotional fitness. Redefining masculinity by honoring the duality of the masculine and feminine. Building resilience and happiness through advent... 

  Friday, December 8, 2017

Host: Kornelia Stephanie

Guest: Steve Chang

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The Dr. Pat Show: Talk Radio to Thrive By!

How To Make Your First Million As If It Were Your Second with Parviz Firouzgar

“If only you’d known then what you know now” is a statement we could all make several times throughout our lives, says serial entrepreneur Parviz Firouzgar. “I’m not just talking about knowing the winning lott... 

  Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Host: Dr. Pat Baccili

Guest: Parviz Firouzgar

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