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Vibrant Powerful Moms with Debbie Pokornik - Helping Everyday Women Create Extraordinary Lives!

How Your Family of Origin Influences Your Life

Being aware of how your upbringing influences who you are today is a big step towards taking back some of your control. This is true whether you had a happy or challenging childhood and, as a result, is w... 

  Monday, January 15, 2018

Host: Debbie Pokornik

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Sheer Alchemy! with Host Leslie Fonteyne

Upgrading Your Story

All of us have a story of our life that we tell ourselves and others. It carries a certain tone and an energy. It describes us and how we see the world. Healing means an upgrade to the story, a new filter, a new tone.... 

  Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Host: Leslie Fonteyne

Guest: Leslie Fonteyne

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