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Dr. Pat Interview with Ylara Isis Khalsa

Dr. Pat Interview with Ylara Isis Khalsa


Women were dwindling in the radio industry, but they are now coming back with a force that is unrecognizable. In 2003, Dr. Pat Baccili had a vision to bring a new kind of talk radio to the forefront. Baccili and her team began to make her dream a reality with new websites, high end hosting, sponsor management, and adding 10 new channels with their own unique brand of consciousness. Pat joins the Women of Wisdom conference with Ylaralsis Khalsa in an exciting conversation about growing food for a better and fulfilling life. We discover how Ylara’s experiences made her into the person she is today and why she said yes to life. 

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Pat: Ylara Khalsa joining me here today, one of the many people here that has said yes to a life.  I want to ask you a question about your own journey. What is it you had to look at in your life? What did you have to do to move beyond some of the obstacles?


Ylara: Yes, the obstacles. In our day, we have many and I think the biggest one is overstimulation of the senses. What am I supposed to do with my life? Is there a life after paying my bills or is life about just paying bills? I think it is a struggle for every person that I have met especially women in this time and age. Yes I had to overcome many struggles. First of all, graduating from college. Then I became a healer, and I studied all kinds of alternative medicine and eventually that led me to a very, very powerful change in my life which was agriculture. I wanted to grow my own food and other food sources.


Pat: Where do you think that comes from?


Ylara: I think it came from a desire to give my child the best opportunity to be who she was. It really came from wanting to give her clean food. And they are so questionable now. How can I ensure that my daughter is eating plain, good old kale without anything added to it? And then, it really led me to I have to change my life. If this is a life I'm going to offer my generations ahead, I've got to make the choice. So, I started looking at land, I started to see how much I had saved. I started to really put in the intention that this is truly what I wanted to do with my life. I wanted to become a homesteader, to give my daughter an opportunity. And so, I went and looked at the most pristine way of growing food, which for me, was by biodynamic agriculture. Biodynamic agriculture doesn't use any pesticides. You create everything within the farm system. The farm is not seen just as a farm to grow vegetables, it is an organism. You need the manure, you need the chickens, you need the cow, and you need to create everything to give the farm a life, to give you a life. So I studied at the Steiner Institute; I became a biodynamic farmer, graduated from school, learned everything, I had it all written down and I went to my farm and I thought I knew it all. I didn't.


Pat: What I have discovered by going back to my roots, my ethnicity, is what my family did; what they grew in Italy, how they harvested it in the end, what they brought over here, the idea of it, and what they did. You know you would never see my grandmother take any kind of herb out of a jar and put it in to our food. And you know, it's interesting. People say we have gotten so busy that that's the cause of this and I'm not so sure. What do you think is going on?


Ylara: I can only speak from my personal experience. I have been farming for six years and I can see my life before, my life during and where I am now. Basically, we have to drop the preconceived notions of how life is supposed to be according to a magazine or according to a school system that is broken. I realized that my mind was so ahead of me. I was so overtired, overstimulated, and over worried. Nature allowed me to really anchor my feet, to really take that deep breath. It allowed me to begin to notice things that were always there but I was too busy or too preoccupied for something else to happen. Nature really helped me learn to sit put and become an observer. You go in humbly to actually observe and learn again. So once you start to let go of those and you begin to get quiet and start to actually use our power of intuition, of observation, freely absorbing the truth, transforming and integrating within ourselves and then come out to co-create with elemental kingdom of nature. It gives you food but what I found along the journey is that it really helped me to grow myself. You know what it really is? I'm coining this now, Soul Agriculture.


Pat: I love that, Soul Agriculture. Part of this is we get to say yes to what we desire in life, but then there’s the next leg of the journey, something that is calling you forward. What is calling you forward to the next step for you? What’s next?


Ylara: What calls me forward is truly sharing the gratitude and gratitude for what I've received by reconnecting with nature. I went to farm because I wanted clean food and a better life for my daughter. What I truly received was a reflection of myself to the nature that has fulfilled every aspect of my soul and has allowed me to see the potential of my personal growth. I'm not the same person as I was five years ago.


Pat: Well I have to tell you, I'm so thrilled about what you said yes to in your life. Back in 2008, I coined the phrase, “New Mainstream,” so I want to ask you about this as we carve out the future. Are you hopeful to create a new mainstream?


Ylara: Yes and I totally see what you are talking about. The new mainstream is people wanting clean food. The new mainstream is actually wanting to be healthy without having to protect yourself from everything that is on the store. I want to protect my family, my friends, my planetary family, and my animal family. We are an organism that works within each other, not outside of it. The new mainstream is the new farmer generation coming in saying, “Yes! We see that, we want to be able to maintain our food purity.” The new mainstream is we're willing to do the work, we are learning about the earth, we are learning that we are interconnected, we're learning that people like you are bringing this clarity and truth and making it mainstream. I think every day there is more and more people really joining this new mainstream and making it the norm.


Pat: From what you see, what do you think that people are truly longing for today?


Ylara: Connection. My personal journey has been this reflection to connect to nature. We have been a part of nature from the beginning even if we live in a city setting.


Pat: Thank you for everything that you do. I want to ask you to tell people how they can find out more about you and also what is your personal message? What would you like to leave us with today?



Ylara: I want you to know that reconnecting to nature is right there at your fingertips. It's about reclaiming your power to know, to experience, to grow yourself even in a small act like planting a seed in a flower pot in a balcony. I can leave you with entering an adventure, try it. There's nothing to lose with that other than reclaiming your power and reclaiming yourself and healing yourself. And you can find more about what I do and what I offer through And the things that are coming from our farm, the workshops that we offer in hopes to inspire people to reconnect with nature again and what we are up to. I urge you, try it.