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Podcasts for the Halloween Season


We've had some great shows over the years and I wanted to share some in the spirit of halloween for you all to listen to! Here are some of my favorites!   Ghost stories with Tina Erwin 

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The Path to Success


I had an opportunity to work this weekend with Jesica our executive producer completely outlining and then revamping our process from sales, pre-production, live production, and post production. I often ask the quesiton "What else is possible?". It is so fullfilling to work in an...

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The Dr. Pat Show: Talk Radio to Thrive By! Dr. Pa...


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Dr. Pat Interview with Ylara Isis Khalsa


Women were dwindling in the radio industry, but they are now coming back with a force that is unrecognizable. In 2003, Dr. Pat Baccili had a vision to...

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Intuit Your Way to Happiness and Success with Aut...


Since 1982, May McCarthy has helped to start and grow six successful companies as large as $100 million in a...

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Our Hearts Go Out to Orlando


Dr. Pat did a special show in light of the recent event in Orlando. This show is dedicated to all those who are suffering and affected by the horrific acts. Something that has come up from this is a new campaign Dr. Pat started to #StopHate2016 There is so much ...

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Breaking Through the Crust of Healing PTSD with M...


Every life contains elem...

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The Pathway to Loving Yourself More Deeply with D...


In this show, they discuss the pathway to loving yourself more deeply. Where...

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The Truth About Depression-Dr. Pat Baccili Interv...


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Dr. Pat Baccili Interviews Dr. Joe Dispenza on hi...


Let's talk about energy. It's thrilling to have Dr. Joes Dispenza in the studio because we are going to discover how our minds can make or break our health. Dr. Joe is all a...

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Why Pay for Radio?


When you are in the business of selling airtime on a radio station whether that be terrestrial or internet/digital a question we often get asked is "Why would I pay for radio?" Dr. Pat Baccili, owner/founder of Transformation Rad...

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Positivity Rules


You may have seen our new Facebook page Positivity Rules. This page was created because of intuition. Our radio network has always been in the forefront creating the "New Mainstream" in radio with our positive messaging and super technology.    Now...

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