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The Kornelia Stephanie Show: “It’s All About Connection”

The Kornelia Stephanie Show: “It’s All About Connection”

  12/14/2018  12:00 pm PDT

The Kornelia Stephanie Show: “It’s All About Connection”Sacred Spaces is a place where we share simple solutions to identify, understand and address the pain of anger, depression & helplessness. It is a place where listeners discover when we listen with compassion to our pain, the pain dissolves. Listeners can call in and receive guidance to help them shatter the lies and restore their self-worth.

Episode giveaways:

  • Sacred Spaces Workbook: Healing the Pain of Helplessness, Abandonment, Rage & Betrayal through Self-Partnering vs. Self-Abandonment. A simple practical guide to creating your own Sacred Space, a place of healing, discovery and expansion. If your life has been shattered in a million places and you don’t know where to turn this little guide will lead you to a heart-warming place of hope and knowing you can reach a place where these painful memories are rendered void in your spirit, mind and body. Read heartwarming stories of people just like you who have overcome the challenges facing you. Our stories may be different but we all connect on the level of pain. For each story there are questions that uncover your buried pain and give you steps to lead you into a brand new experience. You no longer have to suffer in silence and although you have felt the sting of abandonment, rage, anger, betrayal, grief, sadness & helplessness if you are willing to commit to your healing one last time you will come out on the other side.


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Kornelia Stephanie

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Carlenia Springer

Carlenia Springer

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