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A Life Untethered with Andrew Martin: Walking the Path of Freedom: Reclaiming Your Sovereignty

  10/12/2017  12:00 pm PDT

False humility, martyrdom, playing small...none of these concepts serve a higher purpose. Yet so often in life we find ourselves minimizing or denying our inherent power out of fear or some misguided idea that playing small makes us more worthy. Where are you lessening yourself, or depriving yourself of what you know is right for you in the name of nobility or public approval?  This week Andrew and Jeremy explore the topic of personal sovereignty. How do we reclaim it? What exactly is it? And once we have it, what do we do with it?


Andrew Martin

Every 2nd & 4th Thursday at 12pm pacific / 3pm eastern! A Life Untethered with Andrew Martin - Walking the Path of Freedom Our natural state is one of freedom. We are a...

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Jeremiah Nudell

Jeremy Nudell is an energy artist and teacher. He offers his unique perspective and transmissions of energy to illuminate and bring clarity to those attracted to his passion...

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