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Alive and Shine with Aadil and Savitri!: Encore Presentation: Detoxifying Your Body for Health & Energy

  03/14/2011  11:00 am PDT

Detoxification is often thought as a one way street - focusing only on cleansing. But there are other ways to detoxify that are gentle to the body and nourishing. Aadil and Savitri will discuss ways to detoxify gently and effectively. Their guest will be Si Barghelame, owner and inventor of the SUNSAUNA, and infrared sauna combined with full spectrum light therapy.


Aadil Palkhivala

Aadil Palkhivala is the author of Fire of Love A book that seeks to restore the essence of yoga. He has also written three manuals used in beginning, intermediate, and thera...

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Savitri is the founder of Heartfull™ Meditation & Lifestyle, and co-founder of Alive & Shine Center and the Purna Yoga College. She began as a 25 year old hous...

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Mona Renner

Mona Renner is the Marketing Director of the Alive and Shine Center in Bellevue, Washington, and the producer of the Alive and Shine Show with Aadil and Savitri. Mona has wo...

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Si Barghelame

Si Barghelame is an inventor who holds 4 engineering degrees from the University of Utah. He owns U.S. Patent 7,108,712,B2. Si invented a sauna that combines the health be...

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