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Alive and Shine with Aadil and Savitri!: Light Therapy with Infrared Heat Saunas

  11/08/2010  11:00 am PDT

Aadil interviews guest Si Barghelame- Inventor of Infrared saunas. Si holds a patent on his sauna because he combines the health benefits of full spectrum light therapy and infrared heat. If you suffer from lack of sunshine during the winter months, tune in and find out how to make every day a sunny day


Aadil Palkhivala

Aadil Palkhivala is the author of Fire of Love A book that seeks to restore the essence of yoga. He has also written three manuals used in beginning, intermediate, and thera...

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Si Barghelame

Si Barghelame is an inventor who holds 4 engineering degrees from the University of Utah. He owns U.S. Patent 7,108,712,B2. Si invented a sauna that combines the health be...

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