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Angels and Light Beings with Francine Vale: Quantum Angel Healing - Beyond Linear Time

  12/29/2015  10:00 am PDT

When we speak of quantum in relation to healing we are speaking of energy in the smallest amount measurable, specifically in relation to healing we are speaking of light and magnetism. What this means to Francine as an angel healer is the following: using light which is for the most part so microscopic as to be outside the reach of human vision, yet is available and seen in Francine's consciousness which is capable of rising to higher realms where the use of light and magnetic resonance for purposes of healing is a natural state of being. Don't miss this lively discussion between Co-host Francine Vale and Dr. Pat.

Episode giveaways: Very Special Price through January 8th just for Dr. Pat listeners: Email Healings $35. Email healings with Francine require a minimum of one hour to accomplish. (In person healings are $200.) Details - You will receive an in-depth response which will give you not only all you need to know to access permanent well-being, you will receive in the words used angel energy which you will feel as you read and you will have this email to save and re-read as often as you like. The embedded angelic energy will never fade away, it is there for you. Please include in your email the following information: Your name, age and geographic location. Describe your health situation, what was going on in your life when it began, and if another person is involved please summarize the relationship. Email:


Dr. Pat Baccili

Dr. Pat Baccili helps individuals and organizations break through their limiting Crust so they can reach their unlimited potential. Her specialty is assisting people face t...

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Francine Vale

Angels and Light Beings with Francine Vale. Francine calls forth Divine Love in the form of golden healing light whereby diseased cells are transformed into healthy cells. ...

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Francine Vale

Francine Vale was born in the Bronx, married her 'Prince on a White Horse' and brought her beautiful children into the world. Looking toward the future and her family's secu...

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