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Awaken to Your Soul Power with Auriella: Vibrational Success-Reconnecting People to "The Field" of Possibility with guest Mark Romero

  09/15/2010  02:00 pm PDT

Discover how you can awaken to your magnificence and unlimited potential to create the life
of your dreams. In this program, Mark Romero will discuss how it is possible to get in touch with ones real power and move beyond the limiting thoughts, beliefs & perceptions that are holding one back and open the door for transformation


Auriella Auriella

As an international teacher, healer, speaker, and coach, Auriella assists individuals in awakening to their spiritual power and being more empowered in their life. As a very...

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Mark Romero

Mark Romero, founder and CEO of Mark Romero Music, Inc. is an internationally known energy healer, guitarist, and teacher. Mark has helped thousands of people worldwide to e...

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