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Best of Transformation Talk Radio: Opening to Ecstasy with Host Lynnet McKenzie - Resting your way into ecstasy with Dan Howard

  03/11/2011  02:00 pm PDT

If you're tired, stressed and exhausted, it's virtually impossible to experience the pleasure of ecstasy. The Intentional Resting Method is a simple tool that can be used to access rest anywhere, anytime in 30 seconds or less while you're awake. This method is a new, revolutionary approach to resting that can gently open an energetic
doorway to living a life of inner peace, joy and ecstasy.


Lynnet McKenzie

Lynnet McKenzie is illuminating the path for those who are ready to awaken their body and soul. Lynnet is a divine channel and healer, walking the path of a mystic-with a se...

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Dan Howard

Dan Howard is the founder the Intentional Resting Method, an amazingly simple, revolutionary way to reduce stress, enhance healing, calm overworked adrenal glands, experienc...

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