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Best of Transformation Talk Radio: The Option of Western Healing with Dr. Devorah Steinecker

  03/05/2013  02:00 pm PDT

Osteopathy in the Cranial Field is considered by many around the world to be the most advanced form of hands-on healing - few however, realize it was discovered and developed in the United States just after the Civil War. The relationship between structure, function and intention, not only provides a powerful healing milieu, it also is an efficient driving force working hand in hand with Nature for the maximal potentiation and manifestation of each individual's Divine Human Blueprint.


Michelle Bond

Do you ever wonder why you feel off balance and out of focus most of your life Would you like to have an 'aha' moment every day The Michelle Bond Show Awaken to a New Reali...

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Dr. Devorah Steinecker

Dr. Steinecker's extensive training includes the fields of Neurology, Osteopathy, Surgery, Neuro-pharmacology, Immunology, Neurobiology, Bio-molecular Nutrition, Development...

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