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Blue Lightning Healing Meditations : More about smudging with Nikole Chisholm

Blue Lightning Healing Meditations : More about smudging with Nikole Chisholm

  07/02/2021  08:00 am PDT

Blue Lightning Healing Meditations : More about smudging with Nikole ChisholmWelcome to Blue Lightning Healing Meditations!


One of the greatest things about having my own podcast is that I am able to call upon a variety of friends whose work I respect to talk about topics that they have waaaaayyy more expertise than I. 


Today’s episode is part two of my conversation with Nikole Chisholm. We talk about not only her method and tips for a proper smudging, but also smokeless ways to clear energy. The meditation focuses on clearing your body’s energy.


If you are interested in the ethics I follow as a metaphysical practitioner, head over to Ep. 23 of my podcast. I lay it out for you there.


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