Business Game Changers Radio with Sarah Westall: A Conversation with the Real Inventor of Blockchain - Hint: It's Not Satoshi Nakamoto

  07/18/2016  12:00 pm PDT

Business Game Changers Radio with Sarah Westall: A Conversation with the Real Inventor of Blockchain - Hint: It's Not Satoshi NakamotoBlockchain is the technology made famous by Bitcoin, the well known cryptocurrency. According to advocates, blockchain is powerful because it eliminates fraud while also being a democratic tool for managing currency and documents. In an article released by Stanford University, Bitcoin (i.e. blockchain) is said to eliminate third-party seizure, taxes, tracking, transaction costs, risk of “charge-backs,” and fraud.


Nevertheless, there are still debates questioning the safety and long-term manageability of cryptocurrencies. Some believe hackers could eventually manipulate them. China is working feverishly to crack the blockchain system. Regardless, cryptocurrencies using blockchain are becoming very popular and will undoubtedly become a major part of our financial environment in the future.


Satoshi Nakamoto, an anonymous person or group, published Blockchain’s original definition in 2008. No one has publicly claimed to know this person or group. Up until now, the world believed that this anonymous person or group is the original creator of the blockchain technology. But as it turns out, this is not the case. Inventor Dr. Kelce Wilson first invented blockchain back in 2000 and original patented his idea using blockchain 6 months before Satoshi Nakamoto.


This episode of Business Game Changers we talk with Wilson about his blockchain invention and the details behind his patents. He explains the history behind the concepts, how he uses it to track legal documents in much the same way Bitcoin tracks ledgers, and Bitland tracks land transactions in Africa (see Bitland article and podcast). Kelce also has solutions to problems behind Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.


This is an explosive history making episode that you don’t want to miss!


You can learn more about Dr. Kelce Wilson on his websites: or


You may also email him directly at

Kelce Wilson,



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Dr. Kelce Wilson

Dr. Kelce Wilson

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