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Business Game Changers Radio with Sarah Westall: B & A Global Energy's Mobile Refinery can Eliminate 5% of the World's Pollution

  10/19/2015  12:00 pm PDT

Jack Kelley, CEO of B & A Global Energy, joins us to discuss the companies mission to eliminate gas flaring occurring at well sites. Gas flaring is the source of 5% of the World’s atmospheric pollution. Kelley’s company’s mobile refinery is 1/30th the size of a traditional refinery and can refine natural gas flaring from oil wells in hard to reach locations all over the world. Their goal is to set up all oil wells not attached to a pipeline with their mobile unit. Owners of the oil wells will eliminate gas flaring, save the wasted gas and pollution occurring to the environment, and will also collect money from B&A Global for the gas the mobile refinery produces. The company views it as a win-win for all involved: the company, communities, and for B&A Global. 

You can see more from B & A Global Energy on their website at

After our interesting interview with Jack Kelley, Rev. Alan Pritz joins us to discuss how he is using meditation with business executives to eliminate stress and to create balance in their lives. Rev. Alan served as adjunct faculty at the U of St. Thomas Management Center where he developed and taught a workshop on spirituality in the workplace. He also developed integrative medicine training on Yoga, Meditation, and Spirituality for the U of St. Thomas Center for Medical Affairs. Pritz has wrote numerous articles concerning related themes for Minnesota Physician, Employee Benefits News, Twin Cities Wellness, The Edge and has been on various radio or public speaking events. His work has been written about in journals including Business Ethics Magazine, Employee Benefits News, and Alternative & Complimentary Therapies. 

You can see more of Rev. Alan Pritz on his website at

Lastly, we chat with Scott Shields, a businessman looking to join the Presidential race as a Libertarian Democrat (aka: Demtarian). We explore whether a libertarian can run in the Democratic Party and how he plans on getting the word out about his campaign. He shares with us his opinion on many issues in politics facing us today. 

You can contact Scott Shields at  


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Rev. Alan Pritz

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