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Business Game Changers Radio with Sarah Westall: CrowdFunding Accelerator Achieves almost 100% Project Success; How?, When 60% of Crowdfunding Projects Fail

  12/01/2014  12:00 pm PDT

This show explores crowdfunding with CEO and Founder of CrowdFunding Accelerator, John-Micheal Scott and his partner Philip Cardwell. They have had incredible success with numerous motion picture, film and other business projects. They will share their tips and insights for success and why they succeed when most people fail. 

You can reach them at www.crowdfundingaccelerator.comor by email at or 

Gear Up for 2015 – Get Ready to Really Launch Your Business 

This week’s Gear up for 2015 segment features TallWave, a company that “Helps Startups Get Things Done”. I talk with Bob Hobbs Jr, Founder of TallWave, a company that helps startups build their products and take them to market. You can reach them and learn more about their company at 

Before we dive into all that good stuff, I again share my adventures into renewable energy and solar power with TruNorth Solar ( This week I am discussing financial options and what really is behind the 2.99% interest rates you may be offered.  


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