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Business Game Changers Radio with Sarah Westall: Human Trafficking & Mass Awakening part 2

  05/26/2017  12:00 pm PDT

Part 2 of my interview with Sacha Stone


Activist and Social Leader Sacha Stone joins the program to discuss the International Natural Justice Tribunal formed 800 years to the day of the forming of the Magna Carte. We also discuss the human and child trafficking epidemic and the mass awakening he is seeing all over the world.


Sarah Westall

BUSINESS GAME CHANGERS 12PM PT / 3PM ET Business Game Changers with Host Sarah Westall covers the big issues, disruptions, and cutting edge innovation. Each episode bri...

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Sacha Stone

A former rock musician and artist, Sacha grew up in Rhodesia-Zimbabwe throughout the war for independence.   He established Humanitad in 1999.  He has engaged bo...

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