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Business Game Changers Radio with Sarah Westall: Interstellar Flight, Space Colonization, Zero Point Energy with Tau Zero President

  08/21/2017  12:00 pm PDT

Rhonda Stevenson, President of the Tau Zero Foundation, joins the program to discuss her organizations goals and visions for the future. As stated on their website: "We are dedicated to building the gateway that enables humankind to become a permanent, space faring civilization, by participating in the developing space industry infrastructure, and contributing to the necessary intermediary steps we must take to go from here to there and back again."


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Sarah Westall

BUSINESS GAME CHANGERS 12PM PT / 3PM ET Business Game Changers with Host Sarah Westall covers the big issues, disruptions, and cutting edge innovation. Each episode bri...

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Rhonda Stevenson

Rhonda Stevenson is the President and CEO of the Tau Zero Foundation, a renowned organization dedicated to pioneering methods, development and inspiration for Interstellar F...

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