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Business Game Changers Radio with Sarah Westall: Israeli Intelligence Officer Sheds Light on Palestine, the UN Resolution, and the Middle East Dilemma

  01/02/2017  12:00 pm PDT

It seems the entire world has shifted its focus to Israel and Palestine with the recent U.N. resolution and John Kerry’s speech. It’s crazy that such a tiny area in the Middle East garners so much of the world’s attention. In fact, the U.N. General Assembly adopted 20 Israel resolutions this year, while passing just four for the rest of the world – one for North Korea, one for Syria, one for Iran, and one for Russia”. (Source: Fox News)



So much attention for such a small area of the world:


Obviously Israel/Palestine represents much more to the West and to the Arab world than its size would suggest. Like most Westerners, I am relatively ignorant to the intricacies of the situation. There are heavy emotions and deep religious beliefs on many sides that guide much of the decision making in this area; creating an irrational and very difficult situation. Although it is impossible for me to understand the deep emotions this land represents to the people of Israel/Palestine, I did some research looking into as many perspectives on this issue that I could find (or realistically had time for). I also had the honor of interviewing Shlomo Shirvis, a past Israel intelligence agent and CEO and Co-Founder of Intelligo Group, a global due diligence, business intelligence and risk management firm, for this week’s episode of Business Game Changers. Mr. Shirvis and his company strives to be a neutral, nonpolitical business serving clients all over the world. Nevertheless, his past professional and personal experience sheds incredible light on the real human realities on the ground including the realities of terrorism and human suffering throughout the region. See the rest of the article at





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Shlomo Mirvis is the CEO and Co-Founder of Intelligo Group, a global due diligence, business intelligence and risk management firm. The company’s founding members are ...

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