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Business Game Changers Radio with Sarah Westall: Velikovsky Ideas Reaching a Tipping Point, Disruption Will Hit Every Field

  12/18/2017  12:00 pm PDT

Dr. Irving Wolfe joins the program to give listeners an overview of who Immanuel Velikovsky was and why his theories are important. We also discuss how the Electric Universe, Wallace Thornhill, and David Talbott, have made significant further contributions. Dr. Wolfe knew Velikovsky personally and gives incredible insights into the man and what he endured while releasing his ideas onto the world. 



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Sarah Westall

BUSINESS GAME CHANGERS 12PM PT / 3PM ET Business Game Changers with Host Sarah Westall covers the big issues, disruptions, and cutting edge innovation. Each episode bri...

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Dr. Irving Wolfe Ph.D.

Dr. Irving Wolfe earned a PhD in Drama from the University of Bristol, England. He is a member of the faculty, Department of English, University of Montréal, Canada. ...

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