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Cathy Is In! The Cathy DeBuono Show!

  06/05/2012  12:00 pm PDT

Cathy, Jill and Becca talk about their trip to "Kathy" on Bravo with hilarious comedian Kathy Griffin, Cathy battles through a lingering laryngitis and guest, Maia Madison talks frankly about her "glass vagina," and her journey to comprehend and heal the things that made intercourse secretly painful. After years of denial, self blame, misdiagnoses and mishaps in treatment, Maia shares her story in hilarious fashion by the way so that other women may benefit.


Cathy DeBuono

Many folks out there know Cathy DeBuono as an award winning comedic actor of film, TV and the web. What others have come to learn, is that Cathy has always been a keen intui...

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Maia Madison

Over the past fifteen years Maia Madison has worked in theatre and television in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. In 2009 Madison starred Off-Broadway in the critically a...

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Janis Underwood