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Cathy Is In! The Cathy DeBuono Show!: "Can Sexual Attraction Grow Over Time?"

  02/21/2012  12:00 pm PDT

Cathy DeBuono and Jill Bennett discuss the possibility of sexual attraction growing over time as well as how to come out to your kids.

Cathy and Jill each share their own "commandments," and check in with Lynn Cathy's mom where she shares her Oscar picks one by one, even though she hasn't seen any of the movies...


Cathy DeBuono

Many folks out there know Cathy DeBuono as an award winning comedic actor of film, TV and the web. What others have come to learn, is that Cathy has always been a keen intui...

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Jill Bennett

Growing up in rural Indiana, Jill didn't start acting until the age of 16. By 18, she had won a state speech title and attended Bradley University on a theater scholarship. ...

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