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Champion Your Life with Leighanne Champion: The 50/50 of Life and the Importance of our Thoughts

Champion Your Life with Leighanne Champion: The 50/50 of Life and the Importance of our Thoughts

  04/07/2021  01:00 pm PDT

This episode dives into the concept of the 50/50, explaining that approximately 50% of the time, simply because we are human beings, we are going to experience difficult and uncomfortable times in our lives. And with those times come difficult and uncomfortable emotions... such as anger, frustration, sadness, disappointment, just to name a few.

The other 50% of the time, we'll be happier and excited about life and feeling more comfortable emotions such as excitement, joy, inspiration and creativity. 

If we willingly accept that we will always waver between comfortable and uncomfortable times, we can stop resisting and start feeling all of our heart-breakingly beautiful moments, experiences, and seasons of life...

You’ve heard the saying… “WE are what we eat…” Guess what ….the reality is much more “WE are what we think!”

The thoughts that we choose - help us to create our moods, attitudes and beliefs.

Often we think it is the Circumstances of our lives that are causing how we are feeling - but in fact it is ALWAYS the THOUGHTS that we have chosen to think around them that are causing our emotions. If there is one big takeaway from today - it is this!!

*The secret conversations that you hold in the privacy of your own mind are shaping your destiny, little by little.

New research indicates that the average person thinks approximately 60,000 - 80,000 thoughts per day.

This is either good or bad news because every thought we have moves us toward our God- given potential OR away from it.


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