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Chat with Natalie: " -- Getting To Know Yourself" ENCORE of "The Spiritual Significance of 2012" with Corelight

  02/10/2012  12:00 pm PST

Encore presentation due to the intensity of information shared and the many requests. December 21, 2012 is the end of a several millennial cycle according to the Mayan calendar. Mystics and seers through the ages have predicted great changes as humanity transitions from the Age of Patriarchy to a new potentially "Golden" era of heart-centered consciousness. Leslie and Brad will share their insights about this pivotal time in humanity's evolution.



Natalie is dedicated to helping others with love and compassion with all the tools that the universe to graciously provides. Whether people have lost their direction, need s...

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Leslie Temple-Thurston

Leslie Temple-Thurston is a teacher of enlightenment, who for 23 years has wholeheartedly dedicated her life to inspiring and guiding people towards their spiritual awakenin...

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Brad Laughlin

Brad is a spiritual guide and mentor to a growing number of seekers worldwide. Together, with Leslie Temple-Thurston, his partner of now 19 years, they founded the non-profi...

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Kathleen L. Johnson