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Chat with Natalie: " -- Getting to Know Yourself" Today we're talking about "WILD:The way of the woman's Wild Creative Heart" with Lisa Dieken, Natasha Reilly, Mary Rives, and Tina van Leuven.

  03/02/2012  12:00 pm PDT

The wild woman archetype is definitely about the Self its about going back to our True self, the freedom of that, dropping all of the social conditioning, stepping into our power. Creative, passionate, soulful, sensual, light-hearted, playful, feeling at one with nature, unapologetic for who she is. This is wild woman.
Join me today as I welcome my collaborators Lisa Dieken, the founder of Wild Creative Heart and WILD: The way of the womans Wild Creative Heart, Natasha Reilly, Mary Rives and Tina van Lueven -- to name just a few from the amazing line-up -- as we talk about the upcoming, groundbreaking event "WILD: The Womans Journey into the Wild Divine" that will be opened to the public at the end of the month with classes starting in April Be one of the first to know about the upcoming event Call in to learn more about why YOU want to participate in this event and what you think a "wild woman" is. 1-800-930-2819.



Natalie is dedicated to helping others with love and compassion with all the tools that the universe to graciously provides. Whether people have lost their direction, need s...

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Tina van Leuven

Tina is a conduit for the Divine, as a channel for her grace and joy. She supports people in connecting with their inner delight, and offers energy alignments and personal t...

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Mary Rives

In her WILD course, Mary will be teaching Liberate Your Inner Wild WomanMary delights in assisting others in opening to the ways of the heart and the path of peace through p...

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Lisa Dieken

Lisa Dieken is founder of Wild Creative Heart and WILD: The way of the womans Wild Creative Heart", a collaboration of 11 teachers, teaching 11 self-paced courses beginning ...

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Natasha Reilly

For WILD, Natasha will be taking you on An Intuitive Mixed Media Journey to the Center of the Wild Woman Soul.Natasha is a writing, arting cart-wheeler surfing wild waves of...

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