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Coach Betty: Encore presentation - LIVE with Healing Music from France

  05/10/2011  12:00 pm PDT

My two special guests from across the ocean are two beautiful people and musicians who know about the healing power of music. Tune in to listen to the Fa7 talk about how he different types of music inspire him to create different types of music. Just listening to his beautiful voice will heal you. Ti Harmon, a musician from Philadelphia who now lives in Paris, will share her voice as she speaks about her journey of healing.


Betty Louise

Coach Betty, U.S. Radio personality, has interviewed progressive thinking experts, artists and innovators from all over the world. Author John Gray of MarsVenus fame, Gramm...

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Fabrice Mareau

a7 is a musician and artist in France and travels extensively visiting Europe and Africa, making friends in passage with people of all social and geographical origins. His g...

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Ti Harmon

Ti pronounced tai is originally from Philadelphia. She began singing at the age of five, when she was the first to eagerly volunteer for the solo in her kindergarten Christm...

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