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Coach Betty: talks women's sexual satisfaction with President of Semprae Laboratories, Rachel Braun Scherl

  01/25/2011  12:00 pm PDT

This episode of CoachBettyLIVE will cover the whys, whats and hows of women's sexual satisfaction. What makes it so important for us to discuss and pay attention to finding Orgasmic Fulfillment in our lives. Ladies and the men who love them will find the news and views eye opening.


Betty Louise

Coach Betty, U.S. Radio personality, has interviewed progressive thinking experts, artists and innovators from all over the world. Author John Gray of MarsVenus fame, Gramm...

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Rachel Braun Scherl

Stanford Business School graduate Rachel Braun Scherl teamed up with colleague Mary Wallace Jaensch over ten years ago to focus on developing and marketing womens health pro...

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