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Coach Betty: with Mat Stein, best selling author of "When Technology Fails"

  12/21/2010  12:00 pm PDT

Mat Stein is author, rock climber, MIT graduate, green builder, as well as an expert on creating an alternative medicine chest. His connection with nature and natural healing is sophisticated and deep. He has many interesting perspectives, and loads of knowledge about how we can survive disasters and economic failures and thrive as a planet. He is a fascinating mix of analytical, green and holistic.


Betty Louise

Coach Betty, U.S. Radio personality, has interviewed progressive thinking experts, artists and innovators from all over the world. Author John Gray of MarsVenus fame, Gramm...

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Mat Stein

Matthew Stein is a design engineer, green builder, and author of the best selling book When Technology Fails, a comprehensive manual on sustainable living skills, survival, ...

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Kathleen L. Johnson