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Cosmic Connections Radio Show with Madeline Gerwick: Preparing for Ascension with Astrologer/Shaman Diana Stone

  12/14/2012  11:00 am PDT

Diana shares her brother's and her experiences working with Pleiadian extra-terrestrials to develop a technique for activating the Lightbody. Through her widely circulated free newsletter, she has documented for readers what ascension symptoms to expect and will discuss how to cope with these physical and emotional changes. Diana will be introducing subject matter from her just published book Playing The Ascension Game. There are many questions concerning the highly publicized ascension date of December 21st. Diana addresses some of the issues involved in preparing for ascension in 2012 and beyond.


Madeline Gerwick

Madeline C. Gerwick is an internationally recognized businesspersonal astrologer, speaker, and author. She has a BA degree with honors in economics, and is listed in several...

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Diana Stone

Diana Stone wears many hats. She has served a worldwide astrological practice over 40 years. Her contributions to the astrological community include lectures, articles, book...

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