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Cosmic Connections Radio Show with Madeline Gerwick: The Energy of Love, with Moses Ma, co-founder of OneTantra

  12/04/2009  10:00 am PDT

Moses Ma has found something that differentiates tantrikas from psychologists, ministers and faith healers all offering to hand you the key to understanding love. This special characteristic is the ability of tantric experts to control and channel the energy of love. What does he mean by the energy of love? Consider the martial arts. What differentiates the internal martial arts from all others is the use of life-force energy as a component of martial arts training. He believes is that masters of tantra have an equivalent ability, specifically, to emanate and channel a pure form of life energy that directly impacts the heart chakra. Once you have such a direct experience of such a thing, you know its real.


Madeline Gerwick

Madeline C. Gerwick is an internationally recognized businesspersonal astrologer, speaker, and author. She has a BA degree with honors in economics, and is listed in several...

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Moses Ma

Moses Ma aims to live the life of a modern Taoist. Over the years, hes enjoyed being a physicist, a hit video game designer, an artist, an internet visionary and entrepreneu...

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