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Cultural Brilliance Radio: The DNA of Organizational Excellence with Claudette Rowley: The Greats on Leadership with Jocelyn Davis

  01/12/2018  10:00 am PDT

Join for an enlightening interview with Jocelyn Davis, the author of The Greats on Leadership: Classic Wisdom for Modern Managers. Jocelyn's book takes us on a tour of the best leaders and leaderships ideas throughout history. How can we apply Henry V's ideas to current leadership? What would yesterday's leaders say about today? We'll discuss the answers to these questions and more.


claudette rowley

Claudette Rowley

Now Every 2nd & 4th Friday 10 am pt / 1pm et - Cultural Brilliance™ Radio: The DNA of Organizational Excellence  on Transformation Talk Radio, Conscious Busin...

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 Jocelyn Davis

Jocelyn Davis

Jocelyn Davis is an author of business books and consultant with 25 years’ experience in the corporate learning industry. Before founding her company, Seven Learning,...

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