Everyday Miracles with Candace McLean: "Thrive" - Uncovering Happiness Secrets from Around the World with Dan Buettner

  12/23/2010  02:00 pm PDT

Research shows that, on average, 50 percent of our happiness is influenced by our genetic makeup, 10 percent is influenced by our life circumstances, and 40 percent is influenced by how we think and act every day. In THRIVE, Buettner reveals that the secret to achieving happiness lies in making subtle changes in your surroundings to create gentle but ever-present nudges. He highlights six distinct domains of life that we can shape to actually boost our chances for happiness for the long term. They are community, workplace, social life, financial life, home, and self.


Candace McLean

Candace McLean, MH, C.Ht, like each one of us, is on an extraordinary journey of discovery. Emerging as a contemporary voice in the personal transformation and human potenti...

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Dan Buettner

Dan Buettner is an internationally recognized researcher, explorer, and author. He founded Blue Zones, a lifestyle brand specializing in individual health products and comm...

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