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Everyday Miracles with Candace McLean: Balancing Act: Reflections, Meditations and Coping Strategies for Today's Fast-Paced Whirl

  03/24/2011  02:00 pm PDT

Balancing Act is an indispensable resource for handling stress and strain. It is practical, comforting and humorous. Mind-body wisdom, meditations and strategies makes this a must-have for your bedside table.


Candace McLean

Candace McLean, MH, C.Ht, like each one of us, is on an extraordinary journey of discovery. Emerging as a contemporary voice in the personal transformation and human potenti...

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Adele Ryan McDowell

Adele Ryan McDowell, Ph.D., is a psychologist, higher consciousness teacher, and writer who came to her current place in life through the frequent and not-so-subtle prodding...

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