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Everyday Miracles with Candace McLean: Everyday Miracles: The Miracle Chase: Three Women, Three Miracles, and a Ten Year Journey of Discovery and Friendship with Joan Luise Hill, Katie Mahon, and Meb Phillips

  11/18/2010  02:00 pm PDT

What would make three women set off in search of the Holy Grail? I hope you believe me when I tell you that it was a miracle three miracles, to be exact. So begins the story of Joan Luise Hill, Katie Mahon, and Mary Beth Phillips, who turn a simple friendship into a spiritual odyssey when one of them faces sudden tragedy.
Meeting for coffee one morning, they discover that each has an extraordinary story to tell. Katie has been haunted by an escape from serial killer Ted Bundy. Mebs six-month-old daughter has been shaken by a neighbors nanny and irreversibly blinded, but somehow survived and thrived. And, in the event that brought them together, they all witnessed Joans son survive a catastrophic illness. Were these experiences miracles? The three friends begin a journey to find out, and the Miracle Chase is on.

Over the course of a decade, the trio seeks out the views of philosophers, statesmen, and scientists; delves into the traditions of the tribal and the great religious faiths; examines their own personal experiences as well as those of the friends they meet along the way; and even occasionally embarks on a real chaseto Fairfax, California; Hingham, Massachusetts; and Chimayo, New Mexico, searching for meaning in the remarkable events they experienced.


Candace McLean

Candace McLean, MH, C.Ht, like each one of us, is on an extraordinary journey of discovery. Emerging as a contemporary voice in the personal transformation and human potenti...

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Joan Hill

I was lucky and I knew it When doctors at major medical centers on both the east and west coasts confirm they have never seen this cardiac abnormality on a live person and...

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Katie Mahon

On a winter night in 1989, a newspaper article about the execution of serial killer Ted Bundy changed my life. I could no longer run away from circumstances that I had trie...

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Mary Beth Phillips

Being an advocate is a journey, not a destination. I always believed in miracles, but I became an advocate for miracles when my baby daughter survived an unspeakable act of...

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Ruby Bedi