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Get Focused Radio with Kate Hennessy: helping you refocus when life gets in the way "Parent's Don't Do Dishes" with author Richard Melnick

  11/07/2012  07:00 am PDT

While the title may seem that father of two, Richard Melnick, doesn't want to help in the kitchen, Parents Who Don't Do Dishes is more accurately about raising children to do the right thing without having to be told. Using techniques such as positive reinforcement, conscious language, taking responsibility for your feelings, not blaming the others and practicing gratitude, the Melnick boys cheerfully help out around the house and don't take life for granted. It is a humorous read full of funny family times but more importantly about life lessons.


Kate Hennessy

Wednesdays 7am PT 10am ETKate Hennessy's passion is to help us refocus when life gets in the way. Her own battles began early, being abused by her alcoholic father and the ...

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Richard Melnick

At the age of 40, author Richard Melnick, then the father of three and five-year-old boys, was diagnosed with cancer. Suddenly, he faced new fears, first hand: "Who would fa...

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Barbara Scheidegger