Get Inspired Radio with Sue London: Say "goodbye" to "people pleasing" and "hello" to yourself: How to grow out of the people pleasing syndrome - Call 800 930 2819 to ask your questions

  04/19/2012  03:00 pm PST

Many women go through life believing that self - care is selfish. They believe that their job is to make everyone else happy, and they will be happy in turn. Consequently we learn well how to care for others but not how to care for ourselves. Learn what to do when you realize that this isn't working and identify some practical steps to take to create a happier more fulfilled life.


Sue London

Sue London

Sue London helps people overcome difficult or traumatic situations in their lives. Through her radio show GET INSPIRED, coaching, writing and motivational speaki...

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Dr. Patricia  Adson

Dr. Patricia Adson

For her entire professional career, Patricia Adson, Ph.D., has been devoted to helping others discover their best selves.A former schoolteacher, Dr. Adson initially taught h...

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