Get Inspired Radio with Sue London: - Tuning In To SYNCHRONICITIES with guest Dorothy Jeanne Engst, Publisher of True Blue Spirit magazine - Call 800 930 2819 to ask your questions

  07/05/2012  02:00 pm PDT

Dorothy Jeanne Engst experienced many synchronicities through her life, but it was only after her father visited her from the other side that she really started to pay attention to them. This has now taken her on a whole new journey and part of which is publishing True Blue Spirit magazine. Through the magazine Dorothy features articles from writers around the world who share their experience in the pursuit of intuitive living.


Sue London

Sue London helps people overcome difficult or traumatic situations in their lives. Through her radio show GET INSPIRED, coaching, writing and motivational speaki...

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Dorothy Jeanne Engst

After some nudging Dorothy Jeanne Engst launched True Blue Spirit magazine in 2008. Over the past 25 years Dorothy Jeanne has juggled her time between raising a family, runn...

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