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Get Sophistigayted with David Zarza and Phillip Bryant: Uncovering the Big Lies That Run Your Life

  08/06/2014  11:00 am PDT

At this very moment, there is a Big Lie running your life. Whether you believe it or not this Big Lie has been in place for a very long time and you're likely fed up with the consequence of living with it. Sometimes it takes an intuitive eye or pragmatic questioning to lead you to your Big Lie...which is really just a story you tell yourself is "you." Once uncovered, this Big Lie can be changed. Ready to trade-in your Big Lie for a new and more compelling Truth? Tune in to get some much needed Sophistigayted readings and coaching


David Zarza

Get Sophistigayted with David Zarza David challenges listeners through inspired conversation on topics such as human potential, spirituality, pop-culture and...

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David Zarza

David Zarza, Integrity Consultant & Life StrategistSince 2003, David Zarza has served clients and organizations as a trusted spiritual advisor, writer and teacher with a dir...

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Phillip Bryant

Phillip Bryant is one of the founders and President of PHIVID, a Seattle based life strategy and self-empowerment company. He is also the CEO of Influencing Options and a Sr...

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