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Get Sophistigayted with David Zarza and Phillip Bryant: Understanding Integrity

  11/04/2014  11:00 am PDT

Integrity has been a catchall for honest, morally principled and uncorrupt- ed, but did you know there are levels of integrity? There is Essential, Conscious and Universal Integrity. Allow us to articulate for you the differences and how to cultivate Universal Integrity for yourself


David Zarza

Get Sophistigayted with David Zarza David challenges listeners through inspired conversation on topics such as human potential, spirituality, pop-culture and...

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David Zarza

David Zarza, Integrity Consultant & Life StrategistSince 2003, David Zarza has served clients and organizations as a trusted spiritual advisor, writer and teacher with a dir...

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Phillip Bryant

Phillip Bryant is one of the founders and President of PHIVID, a Seattle based life strategy and self-empowerment company. He is also the CEO of Influencing Options and a Sr...

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