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Hearts Center Talk Radio with Host David Christopher Lewis: Richard Bartlett on Matrix Energetics How You Can Manifest Infinite Possibilities

  10/08/2014  09:00 am PDT

Richard Bartlett teaches the quantum/torsion physics of miracles This consciousness technology shatters preconceptions of the seemingly "solid" universe and how unlimited our potential to change it truly is. He calls it and his book Matrix Energetics. It is a complete system of transformation that produces observable and verifiable changes which can be taught to anyone. It can help you access and manifest transformation and infinite possibilities in all areas of your life including health, family, career, relationships, and finances. Matrix Energetics encompasses a new state of mind, a new way of looking at the world we live and breathe in, and a new way of reaching out to new possibilities, a consciousness shift. If you are ready to embrace a reality where anything goes, miracles happen and nothing is beyond your reach, then you are ready for Matrix Energetics.


David Christopher Lewis

Hearts Center Talk Radio with David Christopher Lewis Wednesdays 9am pacific 12pm easternThe Hearts Center is a worldwide community of heartfriends co-creating a new solar r...

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Dr. Richard Bartlett

Richard Bartlett D.C., N.D.,decided to attend chiropractic school after meeting Dr. Jacque Rowe, an inspiring and unique chiropractor. Dr. Bartlett attended Parker Chiroprac...

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