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Hearts Center Talk Radio with Host David Christopher Lewis: Taking Astrology to New Levels of Spiritual Influence with Kevin Raphael Fitch

  10/15/2014  09:00 am PDT

Astrology is about much more than horoscopes, love, health, and money. It is an important piece of the toolkit of a spiritual aspirant. Raphael guides us to feel the reality behind the word astrology and moves us beyond its mundane use to be a spiritual and very practical resource in our lives. He discusses constructive ways to use Mercury retrograde to gain greater access to our own Buddhic awareness; and he reveals how astrology can inform us about what's going on right now in our global geopolitics. He explains why some who study astrology "miss the Sun by focusing on the finger which points to it." And he shares how to access the real energies behind the word 'astrology'. He explains how anyone can use their own celestial potentials to vitalize their natural relationship to the cosmos and its esoteric influences, whether or not they know their own horoscopes.


David Christopher Lewis

Hearts Center Talk Radio with David Christopher Lewis Wednesdays 9am pacific 12pm easternThe Hearts Center is a worldwide community of heartfriends co-creating a new solar r...

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Kevin Raphael Fitch

Kevin Raphael Fitch is a performing artist, T'ai Chi master, an accomplished author and gifted astrologer. Raphael was introduced to astrology, now his life passion, in 1979...

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