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Heaven Scent with Maureen St. Germain: Healing Emotional Wounds with Aromatherapy

  05/21/2010  11:30 am PDT

By definition essential oils are aromatic volatile liquids distilled from shrubs, flowers, trees, root, bushes & seeds. Humans share the planet with plants, and we have much in common. Our olfactory system is the only one of the five senses linked directly to the emotional control center of the brain. AroMandalas Essential Oil Blends are created to bring to consciousness the reality and magnitude of emotional pain buried deep in our memories--even from other lifetimes. Thus, each blend is a powerful and effective tool that assists in bringing to awareness and releasing emotional wounds that are part of belonging to humanity.


Maureen St. Germain

Modern day mystic Maureen St. Germain is an internationally recognized, highly acclaimed transformational teacher, author and intuitive. Celebrated for her insightful work w...

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Mary Ellen Raynor

Mary Ellen formerly held positions as the manager of a law firm and as the manager of Investor Relations for a large international corporation headquartered in San Francisco...

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Janis Underwood