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Inspired Action Radio with Jennifer Becker: Create the Future You Want by Making Hope Happen with Dr. Shane Lopez.

  07/10/2013  12:00 pm PDT

Are some people just lucky or do they make the good things happen in their life? Why are they so resilient and able to move through difficult times so quickly? How come they live happier, healthier, more productive lives? It turns out that science is showing us the real truth about hope. Is it tangible and how can you create more of it? Dr. Shane Lopez has been leading the largest study of hopeful people ever conducted. He is a world-renowned expert on the psychology of hope. His new book reveals that hope is not just an emotion, but an essential life tool...that you can use too


Jennifer Becker

Wednesdays at 12pm pt 3pm etInspired Action Radio with Jennifer B. Mastering the Art of Dream Building in the Real World will inspire you to start painting the canvas of yo...

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Dr. Shane Lopez

Shane J. Lopez, Ph.D., Senior Scientist at Gallup and Research Director of the Clifton Strengths Institute, leads research on the links between hope, strengths development, ...

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