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Intuitive Solutions with Deborah Diane: - Defining Karma
Deborah shows you how easy it can be to free yourself from unwanted blocks, patterns, fears, and relationship dynamics.

  02/25/2013  03:00 pm PDT

Deborah defines karma intuitively followed by releasing karmic cycles and loops. Deborah works with a repeat caller on a father/anger loop and not feeling supported. Attachment to relationship is also brought up the final segment with a fun but emotional caller.


Deborah Diane

Intuitive Solutions with Deborah Diane. Each week, a live call in segment provides an opportunity for listeners to experience Conscious Repatterning live on the show, and r...

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Deborah Diane

From fortune 500 executive to homeless in Hawaii, Deborah Diane had given up hope that she would ever be able to heal from severe brain damage and a life threatening degener...

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Gwen Payne

Gwen Payne has lived and traveled around the world. The diversity of learning culturally has broadened her perspective on people, life and spiritual traditions. In 1983 Gwen...

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Darcy Pariso