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Intuit YOUniversity with Sherrie Dillard: , My guest is Margaret Mary Mulqueen, all the way from New Zealand, talking about the The Rose Pearl Way- A healing and spiritual transformation path

  11/29/2012  12:00 pm PDT

My guest will share with us "The Rose Pearl Way, The Inner Pligrimage through Heart and Soul" If you are called to The RosePearl Way of healing and spiritual transformation you will have a deep hunger, an unrelenting force that is pulling you forward. This is a power that runs at deep levels within you that does not allow you to be comfortable with existing circumstances. The RosePearl Way is a path to become passionate about living the life you were born to live. Your true life.


Sherrie Dillard

Intuit YOUniversity Compassionate Guidance Connecting You to Your Inner Wisdom. Tune in 2nd and 4th Thursdays at Noon PT 3pm ETLifelong psychic and medium, Sherrie Dillard ...

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Margaret Mary Mulqueen

I am a qualified and experienced therapist with an extensive career working with clients through issues including grief and loss, crisis and transitions, trauma recovery, su...

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